Homework 6-6

Math- text pg.619 #6-16 evens.  Quiz tomorrow on pages 610-617.

5B has a pizza lunch provided tomorrow courtesy of the Parent Club.

The 7th grade is selling churros for $1 at lunch.

Tomorrow is a SVDP collection day.  The specific need is toilet paper.  All non perishable items are accepted as long as they are not past the expiration date.

Free Dress tomorrow.

Homework 6-3

Social Studies- study for State Test 4 tomorrow

Math- multiply fraction worksheet.  #2-20 evens.  Show all work on a separate piece of paper.

Religion- pg.129-130 due tomorrow

Father’s Day Project- bring in any items you want to personalize your frame.  Examples include golf tees, fishing lures or bobbers, branches, etc…  Make sure you have permission to take items from home.

Homework 5-31

Social Studies- study for State Test 4 on June 4th

Religion- pg.127 Activity (Completed during class.) due Monday. pg.129-130 Ch.8 Review due Tuesday.  (Chapter 8 Review is a quiz grade.)